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Discover ayahuasca

This time we will tell you everything you need to know about ayahuasca, an Amazonian plant that has given much to talk about, due to its hallucinogenic effects and the rituals in which it is being used, which have even been attended by famous personalities. Find out below.

What is ayahuasca?

It is a plant that grows naturally in the Amazon, which has been used since ancient times by the shamans of this area as a natural remedy. It is also known as “the rope of the spirits”, and for some years it has been popularized in the West for spiritual purposes that are setting trends.

However, in other parts of the world such as Spain its consumption is prohibited by law as it is considered a hallucinogen, although it continues to be consumed clandestinely in spiritual retreats, it is still outside the law.

Fashion is such that it is enough to go online and look for vacation offers to find a great variety of them where ayahuasca is offered as an attraction.

The legal vacuum that surrounds the use of this plant favors these activities, since the prohibition is not defined for ayahuasca itself but for DMT, which is a psychotropic substance present in its components, which generates visions and hallucinations in those who consume it.

Ayahuasca is consumed in a thick infusion during collective rituals known as ceremonies, which are led by a shaman.

After ingestion, participants may manifest immediate symptoms that generate nausea, vomiting, sweating and diarrhea, which is spiritually interpreted as the expulsion of fears, traumas and blockages in a ritual accompanied by prayers and songs.

Shamanic journeys and sexual domination

Due to the increase in people’s interest in participating in this type of ritual in Madrid, Barcelona and Palma de Mallorca, schools of psychology have warned of its danger as if it were psychotherapy.

Among the side effects of consuming this plant are heart attacks, seizures, sudden hypertension and severe psychotic symptoms that can become irreversible. It is believed that this type of ritual could also be used for the purpose of sexual domination.

Those who have consumed the plant in similar rituals state that they have perceived colorful hallucinations and a kind of divine transcendence to other dimensions that they themselves cannot identify. With regard to its supposed healing qualities, science has shown them to be unfounded.

Even so, there are businessmen who continue to promote its consumption, the main one being Gerard Armond Powell, who has achieved an empire with the Rythmia center in Costa Rica, where celebrities from all over the world come to try Ayahuasca in exchange for about 5,000 dollars.

Passage to hell

As with other hallucinogens, Ayahuasca alters thought, emotions and the perception of time, it is not a recreational drug and its effects are not exactly pleasant.

Taking the experience of celebrities as a reference, Megan Fox manifested its consumption as a trip to hell, Olivia Newton John tried it as part of a ritual shared with the Indians of Peru.

Lindsay Lohan says she saw her life flash before her eyes and got rid of things from her past that she no longer wanted to remember. For her part, Miley Cirus assures that her experience was positive but even so, she would not try it again.

Finally, Will Smith turned to this concoction as a solution to his failed marriage, indicating that he perceived a psychedelic vision with premonitory touches where he saw his house, his money and his career disappear, adding that his vision was a manifestation of his fears and he wanted to vomit

The decision to undergo an experience like this is completely personal, but based on the testimonies of those who have already tried Ayahuasca, it is clear that it is not something pleasant and the health risks to which the body is subjected are really due to consider.

Brainwave technology for meditation

Did you know that there is brainwave technology for meditation? Precisely about them we will be telling you in this article, so that you are aware of the effects they have on the human psyche and more. Do not miss it.

About meditation

Meditation is an activity that people have been practicing for many years, due to the benefits it offers in terms of relaxation and even healing of certain types of diseases and illnesses.

In another order of ideas, it is well known that the brain emits certain types of waves depending on the type of activity that is being carried out, which have been studied by science and classified as Gamma, Alpha, Beta, Theta and Delta.

Each of these types of waves manifest at a different time, to activate the brain area corresponding to what is required to deal with the situation, be it memory, thought, concentration, logical analysis, among others.

However, it has recently been discovered that this discipline affects the activity of brain waves and influences them, we will be delving into this topic below.

Gamma waves

It has been discovered that meditation can increase the levels of gamma waves, which are related to learning and hyperactivity.

More specifically, meditating reduces anxiety and fear, to the same extent that positive feelings are increased that help eliminate depression.

Alpha waves

The Alpha are the most common brain waves and when practicing meditation they are activated before the others. As a consequence, the user feels calmer.

It is common to find yourself in what is known as the “alpha state” after doing certain activities such as having sex, eating chocolate, or pursuing a hobby.

When activated, alpha waves calm the nervous system, lowering blood pressure and heart rate, while calming the mind to reduce stress and promote relaxation.

Theta waves

These waves are recorded inside the brain and are related to visualization and intuition, which is why they are often considered the “third eye”.

Now, these waves are predominant when performing tasks automatically, such as making the bed, bathing or riding a bicycle.

When activated, the user perceives a positive state of mind, can solve problems with greater capacity, memory and concentration increase, while anxiety decreases.

Delta waves

These waves have a wide frequency amplitude and are activated when the person enters a deep sleep phase.

During this time the relaxation of the mind is essential and the ability to think is also improved.

Delta wave meditation allows to increase the production of hormones that delay aging, promote empathy, improve sleep and promote healing.

Beta waves

Beta waves manifest as a state of alertness in the cerebral frontal cortex, facilitating thinking, analysis and evaluation of situations.

The effect of meditation on beta waves is characterized by helping to create awareness, improve concentration and promote logical thinking.

Taking into consideration everything that we have stated above, there is no doubt that meditation can greatly benefit mental functions and the human psyche in general.

The effect of meditation on the types of brain waves that have been discovered so far is further evidence of the benefits of frequent practice of this discipline in people’s lives. If you also want to favor your mind in this way, we invite you to exercise meditation to the best of your ability.

On this page we take care of analyzing and reporting everything that has to do with the mind and how we can contribute to making it work efficiently for much longer. If you are interested in these types of topics, we invite you to visit other articles that are already available on our blog.

Ancient techniques to expand consciousness

There are ancient techniques for expanding consciousness that can greatly benefit you once you learn about them and put them into practice. Stay reading this post, because we will teach you everything you need to know about it.

About consciousness

All things in the world are constantly evolving and that includes ourselves, even in those moments where it may not seem like it, the setback itself is also a process of change.

In this sense, all evolution implies advance and retreat, contraction and expansion, which are other key characteristics of the matter, both are equally important and necessary to achieve the expected change.

Now, by expanding consciousness we can broaden our perspective and have a broader field of vision, which also allows development on a larger scale. Even the universe, which is the largest thing we know, is expanding and has been doing so for more than 14 billion years.

Here very well could be applied that old principle that indicates “as above, so below” in the sense that everything that happens in the macrocosm is also reflected in the microcosm. Consciousness is always in search of evolution and expansion, although contraction is equally normal and necessary, you should always try to expand its limits.

How to expand consciousness?

The expansion of consciousness occurs naturally but there are some techniques that we can implement to speed it up and facilitate it. Below we offer you several of them, so that you know them and apply the one that best suits you, that is the only way you can get it to work.

Change of perspective

This technique consists of changing our way of seeing things. In general, we tend to find problems and difficulties everywhere, so the goal in this case will be to avoid worrying about the little things and thinking that everything that happens is, in fact, small.

For example, if you’ve lost your job, don’t see it as a loss. On the contrary, it is possible that in that place your skills were being limited, you have gained time and space to find a better job or dedicate yourself to something else that you are passionate about.

Forest bath

We are fortunate to live surrounded by trees, plants and flowers that are responsible for producing oxygen, essential for life. Science has shown that the mere fact of being close to its greenery is favorable for one’s own well-being.

In this regard, it is important to point out that everything has its own energy field and although it seems solid, it is mostly empty space.

Now, when you enter a forest, your electromagnetic energy field receives the emissions of the plants and trees, finding a perfect balance. It is enough to stay in it for 10 minutes or take a walk to expand awareness.


It’s easy to get carried away with worries, expectations, plans and problems, not to mention the constant stimulation we receive through social media and technological media.

Taking time to meditate and find yourself is not only a challenge, but if you manage to practice it often enough, you will have the reward of expanding your consciousness.


True love is the most powerful energy that exists, that is why it is so easy for people to sync up with it and it also represents the simplest way to expand consciousness.

It is no coincidence that people seem to enjoy a permanent good mood and good luck when they are in love, it is actually a state of mind brought about by the energy of love.

This occurs because the electromagnetic field can overshadow the brain, so that by feeling more appreciation, compassion and gratitude, more love is generated and consciousness expands.

Alternative tools to improve the mind

There are those who think that taking vitamins, attending therapy sessions and using logic challenge apps are the only resources we have, but in this post we have set out to teach you alternative tools to improve your mind that only depend on yourself and really work. .

The importance of maintaining good mental health

It seems quite logical, but there are those who overlook that good mental health not only helps us cope with the stress of daily routine, it also keeps us physically healthy and allows us to develop favorable relationships with other people.

It even motivates us to contribute positively to the community and the environment, we are more productive when we feel good and it is definitely the only alternative to reach the maximum potential of each one.

So, you may be wondering how can I improve my mental health? To which we will answer in the next section.

Alternative tools to improve the mind

The tools that we are about to present to you depend mainly on your own willingness to use them and hence their effectiveness.

Keep a positive attitude

It is not just a saying, thoughts truly have power, since they allow us to maintain a balance between positive and negative emotions, ensuring that the former are maintained for longer to benefit our mental health.

It is not about completely avoiding negative emotions such as sadness or anger, because they are part of life itself, but it is about trying to stay with positive feelings most of the time.

Try to take a break from things that make you feel bad, like the news, toxic people, and social media. Comparing your own life with that of others is one of the worst things you can do.

Practice gratitude

This is nothing more than feeling grateful for the good things in life, it is free and it is very useful to remember it daily because it is very easy to get overwhelmed by sorrows, letting go of all the positive that is still around.

To the extent that we are more grateful and dedicate even a few minutes of the day to manifesting it, we will have a greater ability to recognize the good in the face of adversity.

Take care of physical health

The body and the mind are a perfect match, so health conditions in one also harm the other.

Therefore, try to stay physically active to reduce stress and improve mood, get enough sleep, eat healthy and make sure you consume the necessary nutrients to support the immune system.

Interact with others

Being encouraged to create new relationships with other people and work on them can be more satisfying than you think. Human beings are sociable by nature and it is always good to have a support system to get ahead in the difficult moments of life.

Have a purpose in life

It is always good to have goals, it helps us understand the very reason for our existence and keeps us focused on achieving them.
develop new skills

Working on our skills

to resolve conflicts, find solutions to problems and get out of the comfort zone will help us manage the vicissitudes of life and make us better people.

Meditate and relax

Meditation calms the mind, just as relaxation calms the body. Try to spend at least a few minutes a day practicing these activities for your own benefit.

You will find it very rewarding to find yourself, become aware of your whole body situation and learn the power you have to find peace and tranquility at any time.

These are also skills that are exercised and can be mastered more easily each time, to the benefit of the body and mind.