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Ancient techniques to expand consciousness

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There are ancient techniques for expanding consciousness that can greatly benefit you once you learn about them and put them into practice. Stay reading this post, because we will teach you everything you need to know about it.

About consciousness

All things in the world are constantly evolving and that includes ourselves, even in those moments where it may not seem like it, the setback itself is also a process of change.

In this sense, all evolution implies advance and retreat, contraction and expansion, which are other key characteristics of the matter, both are equally important and necessary to achieve the expected change.

Now, by expanding consciousness we can broaden our perspective and have a broader field of vision, which also allows development on a larger scale. Even the universe, which is the largest thing we know, is expanding and has been doing so for more than 14 billion years.

Here very well could be applied that old principle that indicates “as above, so below” in the sense that everything that happens in the macrocosm is also reflected in the microcosm. Consciousness is always in search of evolution and expansion, although contraction is equally normal and necessary, you should always try to expand its limits.

How to expand consciousness?

The expansion of consciousness occurs naturally but there are some techniques that we can implement to speed it up and facilitate it. Below we offer you several of them, so that you know them and apply the one that best suits you, that is the only way you can get it to work.

Change of perspective

This technique consists of changing our way of seeing things. In general, we tend to find problems and difficulties everywhere, so the goal in this case will be to avoid worrying about the little things and thinking that everything that happens is, in fact, small.

For example, if you’ve lost your job, don’t see it as a loss. On the contrary, it is possible that in that place your skills were being limited, you have gained time and space to find a better job or dedicate yourself to something else that you are passionate about.

Forest bath

We are fortunate to live surrounded by trees, plants and flowers that are responsible for producing oxygen, essential for life. Science has shown that the mere fact of being close to its greenery is favorable for one’s own well-being.

In this regard, it is important to point out that everything has its own energy field and although it seems solid, it is mostly empty space.

Now, when you enter a forest, your electromagnetic energy field receives the emissions of the plants and trees, finding a perfect balance. It is enough to stay in it for 10 minutes or take a walk to expand awareness.


It’s easy to get carried away with worries, expectations, plans and problems, not to mention the constant stimulation we receive through social media and technological media.

Taking time to meditate and find yourself is not only a challenge, but if you manage to practice it often enough, you will have the reward of expanding your consciousness.


True love is the most powerful energy that exists, that is why it is so easy for people to sync up with it and it also represents the simplest way to expand consciousness.

It is no coincidence that people seem to enjoy a permanent good mood and good luck when they are in love, it is actually a state of mind brought about by the energy of love.

This occurs because the electromagnetic field can overshadow the brain, so that by feeling more appreciation, compassion and gratitude, more love is generated and consciousness expands.

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